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Awards Ceremony. Graduation Thanksgiving Mass. Graduation.

Baker's Dozen

April 10, 2014 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm Join us for an exclusive showcase of Lexington's Baking & Pastry…

Counselor Visit Day

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 2 sessions to choose from: Morning: Registration begins at 9:00 am; 9:30 am…

DICED Competition

Thursday, February 27 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Join Lexington's students, staff and faculty at the…

A Philosophical Discussion on Beauty

Join Dr. Denis R. McNamara and the Lexington College Class of 2014 for an insightful discussion on…

How Do Hospitality Majors Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Lexington Student With Hospitality on Her Mind Finds Holiday Time Busy

A true love for the holidays is a must for Hospitality Management majors.  Even though they often work on holidays, their work is filled with festivity:  preparing traditional foods, planning special events and arranging travel and lodging for family gatherings are a big part of the hospitality world from mid-November until New Year’s Day.  Skylar Fowler (Class of 2017, from Virginia) found her first Thanksgiving break since coming to Lexington hectic, but fulfilling.

“The first thing I had to do was a Christmas luncheon for Grandparents’ Day at a private school in Maryland,” said Skylar, who works in her mother’s gourmet catering business.  “We made sandwich platters and five different types of Christmas cookies,” Skylar reported with a satisfied grin. 

The next challenge was a charity event.  Using the commercial kitchen in her church’s community hall, Skylar and six other women baked 70 pies, which they sold to raise money for charities in the neighborhood.  The proceeds from the pie sale went to needy families, a crisis pregnancy center and a homeless shelter.  “I like 

making pies,” Skylar said, “but the oven at Lexington is much better than the one at our church!”

Last, but not least, was the family Thanksgiving Dinner—20 people in total.  “My father asked for a non-traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, so we made a rolled flank steak stuffed with spinach.  We still had the turkey, though, because we had guests – turkey is what they expected and we didn’t want to let them down.” 

In addition to all her work, Skylar had time to re-unite with friends who were also home from college for Thanksgiving.  “It was great to see everyone again,” she said, “but in two weeks I’ll be back at home ready for more holiday work!”

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