Internship Programs

Students are attracted to Lexington by strong industry partnerships, paid internships and a 100% job placement rate for graduates. These real life experiences are some ways that Lexington educates students to work in all aspects of hospitality management.

Clara Truong

Clara Truong '11, spent her summer interning as an event/wedding planner in Chicago

I enjoy details and have always loved planning events. When I found out this was something I could study in college and make a career out of, I knew it was for me. I enjoy doing something different every day, and in planning weddings, I will never have the same day twice. Above all, I love contributing to the most special day in people's lives, a once in a lifetime moment!"

Clara has previous experience working as an event planner for Walt Disney World, N9NE Restaurant, and Navy Pier. "My internship through Lexington helped me discover exactly what I want to do, it provided me with real life experience, and confirmed my career path. I have since been hired full time!"

Bernadette Sporleder

Bernadette Sporleder ’11, spent her summer interning as an assistant chef at Paloblanco Conference Center in Carolina Island, Puerto Rico

I was looking for an opportunity to travel, a learning experience, and a chance to surround myself in a new language."

Bernadette says her internship was a real learning experience, "My classmates and I agree that our internships helped expand our horizons and encouraged us take a deeper look at what we want to do with our future careers."


The Internship program is an opportunity for Lexington College students to:

  • Build a resume and portfolio
  • Begin or continue a hospitality career
  • Apply the techniques and skills learned in Lexington's classes
  • Increase students' self-knowledge
  • Develop team and management skills
  • Build professionalism
  • Gain work experience in the hospitality area of the student's choice: Culinary Arts, Event Planning or Hotel/Restaurant Management.

After completing the prerequisite coursework or equivalent, students, employers, advisors, the Career Services Director, and other professors are part of the team that brings together a meaningful learning experience for each intern.

The Internship Program Components for the Associate's degree are:

Career Seminar (MGMT 111)
Internship I (HRI 230) fulfilled after completion of freshmen year
Internship Presentation

The Internship Program Components for the Bachelor's degree are:

Career Seminar (MGMT 111)
Internship I (HRI 230) fulfilled after completion of freshmen year
Internship II (HRI 330) fulfilled after completion of the junior year
Internship Presentation

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