Campus Security

Campus security is everyone's responsibility. For the benefit for all, it is necessary to maintain sound and sensible precautions.

To help foster respect for the property of others, students are required to keep their possessions inside their assigned lockers, which are provided with a combination lock. It is strongly recommended to lock the lockers.

Theft, as a violation of trust, is cause for expulsion from the College. Lost and found items may be reported to the Student Life Office. Lexington College is not responsible for personal belongings that are lost or stolen from the campus. Students are encouraged to insure their personal items against loss and theft. All thefts should be reported to the Student Life Office.

Any student who sees or is victim to criminal action or other emergencies while on campus should report these to the Student Life office or Receptionist, providing as much information as possible.

Incident Reports are filed and kept on file in the Student Life office. Students involved with the incident can speak with Student Life about any questions or concerns they may have.

The main entrance to the campus facilities is locked at all times. Individuals requiring entrance must ring and be buzzed in by the Receptionist.

Emergency Closings

If Lexington should ever need to close due to an emergency including inclement weather check the following locations.


Go to to search for Lexington College by name and city or by phone number.


Call 312.222.SNOW (requires touchtone phone)

Radio Stations
  • AM WGN Radio 720
  • AM WBBM Newsradio 78
  • FM 94.7 Zone
Television Stations
  • CBS Channel 2
  • NBC Channel 5
  • ABC Channel 7
  • WGN Morning News Channel 9
  • FOX Channel 32
  • CLTV News

Lexington College

310 S. Peoria Street
Chicago, IL 60607