• Taking Stock

Dear friends of Lexington College,

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that the governing Boards of Lexington College have decided to close the College at the end of this academic year. This decision was made after careful consideration of all possible alternatives, and with great concern for all of those who will be affected.

All of us in the Lexington community are proud of our college: the combination of a beautiful mission, years of dedication and quality professional work on the part of our founders and their successors, and the special and valued contribution of each one of you. We thank you for being a part of Lexington and are grateful for your support as we bring this stage of our rich history to completion.


With sincerest affection,

Kelly O'Leary, President
May 9, 2014



Lexington College students should know that the credits you have received for courses and internships taken at Lexington remain part of your permanent record. The College will send official transcripts to all currently enrolled students at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year. To request a transcript of studies from Lexington College after May 31, 2014, please contact: 

Att:  Transcript Requests
Illinois Board of Higher Education
431 East Adams, Second Floor
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 782-2551

To ensure that your permanent academic records are complete, it is important that you pay any outstanding balance on your student account by May 14, so that academic credit for courses taken this semester can be recorded in a timely fashion.

Following the protocol established by our accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Lexington College has been working hard to facilitate the next steps for those of our students who have not yet finished their degrees. On May 9, 2014, the Higher Learning Commission approved Lexington College’s Teach Out Plan. Under this Teach Out Plan, Kendall College and Roosevelt University have agreed to help our students complete their degrees in hospitality in a reasonable period of time and without unreasonable expense. This Teach-Out Plan is valid only for the 2014-2015 academic year, so it is important to make arrangements for your further studies as soon as possible.

Any student who began her studies at Lexington in 2007 or later, whether currently enrolled or not, who has 90 credits or more towards a Bachelor’s degree on her transcript, will qualify for the Teach-Out Plan. Both Kendall College and Roosevelt University have agreed to certain favorable provisions for Lexington College Teach-Out students, such as the waiver of transfer application fees, a simplified transfer application process, the acceptance of academic credit so that students can graduate after taking the same number of courses as would have been required for them to take in order to graduate from Lexington College, and efforts to ensure that the net cost for attending Kendall College or Roosevelt University will be the same as the net cost incurred at Lexington College, provided that the student remains eligible for government grants and federal loans.

Those who are in the midst of Lexington College’s Event Planning Certificate (EPC) program can benefit from the Teach-Out Agreement with Roosevelt University. Current students who have earned six (6) credits or more toward an Event Planning Certificate at Lexington are eligible to transfer into Roosevelt’s Meeting and Event Management Credential program, transferring the credits you have already earned towards the Lexington EPC.

Lexington College students who do not yet have 90 credits on their transcript will also be given special consideration if they choose to transfer to either Roosevelt University or Kendall College.

For further information about participation in the Teach Out Plan or transferring, you can contact the following college representatives directly, letting them know you are a Lexington College Teach-Out or transfer student:

Roosevelt University:
Donna DeMille, M.A.
Assistant Director, Manfred Steinfeld School of Hospitality Management

Jeanne Locarnini, M.Ed.
Assistant Provost for Financial Aid


Kendall College:
Daniela A. Leopaldi, M.A.
Admissions Manager

Frank Arce
Director of Financial Aid


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Please direct all general inquiries to

Lexington College

310 S. Peoria Street
Chicago, IL 60607